Summer Songs 2013 With Wally, Joan, And Eric!

Jul 24, 2013

You know who needs this show today?


I'm having a musically starved summer, at least in terms of modern recorded music. I've made it out to some live shows, but I really have no idea what's being released these days.

I can sum up my relation to music his summer in the following way: I was going to order the new Laura Marling CD, but I didn't. That's it. Meanwhile to force myself to do bicycle training runs every night, I've been playing an obscure 1978 Todd Rundgren song called "Determination." Sad, really.

But that's what our Music Maven shows are all about. Wally Lamb, Eric Danton and Joan Holiday do the field work for the rest of us. So if you're as musically clueless as I am right now, get ready to write down some of these songs.

Wally Lamb, Joan Holliday, Eric Danton.
Credit Chion Wolf

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