"Still Revolutionary" & Connecticut's War-Filled Past

Dec 5, 2012

Do people care about their own history?

Movie box office reports would suggest that they care about vampires approximately three times as much as they care about Lincoln and the end of slavery. Most people in Connecticut, I'm convinced, know almost nothing about the history of Connecticut and can only be persuaded to care by great exertions -- such as the one we're about to make.

But writer Robert Sullivan offers a novel approach. If you really want to connect with history, figure out where it happened, and go there, and have your own adventures.

He'll be on our show today, and so will our state historian, Walter Woodward, with some pretty cool revolutionary war stories you've probably never heard. And a columnist from the Day in New London brings us the story of some kids down there who wondered why their historical treasure isn't prominently featured in the new tourism campaign.

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