State Seeks Applications for Bioscience Fund

Jan 3, 2014

Credit Harriet Jones

Connecticut's new Bioscience Innovation Fund is looking for ideas to expand and improve the state's bioscience industry.

Connecticut Innovations, the state's technology investment agency, administers the new $200 million fund. It's looking for project applications for new products and services that have commercial potential, particularly in the health care field.

Jeremy Crisp, Chief Innovation Officer at CI, told WNPR they're looking for as wide a range of applicants as possible. "We're hoping that accredited colleges, universities, non-profits, and for-profit startups, and early stage businesses will apply," he said. "Really we're hoping they will apply for funding to undertake projects which will allow them to do, for example, proof-of-concept studies with a pharmaceutical. We're really looking for ideas which have promising scientific merit, that they also have a high chance of being commercializable in the marketplace."

The Innovation Fund will make awards of up to $500,000 for projects of up to three years.