State Regulation Under Review

Oct 16, 2013

Governor Dannel Malloy during a visit to WNPR.
Credit Chion Wolf / WNPR

Connecticut is preparing to undertake a searching review of state regulations. Governor Dannel Malloy sees it as a way to kickstart economic growth.

Burdensome, obsolete and sometimes inexplicable state regulations have long been a source of complaint in Connecticut’s business community. One of the biggest problems is that the state doesn’t remove old, outdated regulations before applying new ones, so there’s an accumulation of rules that companies must comply with. Bonnie Stewart of the Connecticut Business and Industry Association said the cost associated with compliance is significant in Connecticut. 

Now Governor Malloy has signed an executive order which invites public comment on any state regulation that’s more than four years old. The aim is to identify regulations that are duplicative or ineffective. The order also lays out a new framework for agencies when they’re formulating regulations going forward. They must take account of the economic impact of any new regulation, formulating it in the least burdensome way possible, and they must make sure it’s written in plain English.

Stewart said CBIA members will applaud the move. “It’s something companies do on a regular basis," she said. "We’re constantly reviewing our own rules and procedures to make sure they are as efficient and effective as possible, and I think it’s a great thing that the governor’s asking the state to do the same.”

Malloy said his aim is to make Connecticut more user-friendly for all citizens, and especially small businesses. He’s being urged by business groups to follow up this consultation with concrete action to streamline regulation.