Small Business After Hours: The Not-So-Quiet Corner

Sep 20, 2013

Live radio inside The Vanilla Bean in Pomfret, Connecticut.
Credit Tucker Ives / WNPR

Have you visited the Quiet Corner lately? In nighttime satellite imagery, it shows up as a swath of darkness in a field of twinkling lights. This rural area is larger than you might think - it’s about half the size of Arizona’s Grand Canyon, and about ten times the size of Acadia National Park in Maine. And it’s almost 80 percent forest and farmland.

This hour, it's our Small Business After Hours broadcast live from The Vanilla Bean Cafe in Pomfret, in an old, repurposed 1800s barn. The property has survived a couple of fires and lives on as a popular community gathering space.

A lot of people who live and work here in the Quiet Corner have come from other places outside of Connecticut. What’s making the economy work for them?