Sick and Tired from Sugar

Oct 9, 2012

Sugar is getting a lot of the blame these days for its role in obesity and other illness from heart disease to cancer.

We’ve been eating sugar for a long time, so, what’s changed?

According to the USDA, Americans now consume approximately 156 pounds of sugar, per person, per year--much of it hidden in the foods we eat, even when those foods don’t taste sweet.

Doctors say that willpower alone may not be enough to counter our love for sugar. Yeah, you heard right in that we eat about 156 pounds, per person, per year!!!

Three new studies point to the link between sugary drinks and obesity...and last month, the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation projected half of the nation to be obese by 2030 unless America changes the way we eat.

Sugar makes us fatter and sicker and sugar-related disease added approximately $147 billion in obesity-related medical costs this year to a U.S. healthcare bill of $2.7 trillion dollars.

What will it take to get us eating healthier, a tax on sugar-sweetened foods, a ban on soda, greater regulation of the foods we eat?