Sexual Assault in the Military

May 23, 2013

Pressure is building on the military to change its culture from within after an alarming Pentagon report estimates 26,000 servicemembers were sexually assaulted last year-- President Obama calls these crimes “shameful and disgraceful.”  Another layer to this problem is that very few of these assaults are actually reported. Now federal lawmakers including Connecticut’s Senator Richard Blumenthal are supporting bills to change how the military prosecutes these cases so victims no longer fear retaliation

Today, WNPR's Lucy Nalpthanchil guest-hosts. We’ll hear from veterans who were assaulted while serving their country and are now demanding justice. We’ll also check in with VA Connecticut about how veterans can get help years after experiencing this trauma. Are you a veteran? What do you think needs to happen within the military to stop a problem that tarnishes a respected institution?