Sex After 60

May 22, 2012

A few years ago Men's Health, one of the magazines I write for, spun off a brother publication called Best Life, which was specifically aimed at the generation a little older than the washboard abs, do-it-all-night target demo of Men's Health. And I was dispatched over there to write a sex column. For aging men. Best Life didn't last all that long. I think everybody still wants to participate in the dream of Men's Health, even if it's not all that realistic any more. But I had a  lot of fun while it lasted. Which would be a good title for a book about sex ad aging.

What I discovered during my brief tenure was a field that's exploding, mainly because Baby Boomers, who of course invented everything, are now aging, which means they have to invent senior sex. And because Baby Boomers insist on the best, senior sex is suddenly really great.  I'm kidding, sort of.

We'll tell you a lot more about sex after 60 on today's show.

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