A Series Of Unfortunate Events - Nappier's Traffic Stop

Sep 19, 2011

By most measures the traffic stop of Denise Nappier on the night of Sept. 1 was not a big deal. We shouldn't still be talking about it on Sept 19. But we are, because the incident raised a whole series of questions, most of which are still sizzling in the air.

Nappier was stopped in a North End parking lot because the plate on her state car didn't show up as a registered vehicle on the police computer. The police charged Nappier with operating an unregistered vehicle, having no insurance and a misuse of plates. They towed her car. She walked home through a dangerous part of town.

The case raised a series of questions. Why was she stopped in the first place? Was her case handled differently because she's African-American? Why does the treasurer need a car? Why do high ranking officials get two sets of plates? Why couldn't the police on the scene do more to ensure her safety?

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