Sen. Blumenthal: Comey Dismissal "Raises Clearly The Specter Of A Cover-Up"

May 10, 2017

Connecticut's two United States senators have responded to the abrupt termination of FBI Director James Comey, and both are calling for an independent investigation.

Speaking on WNPR's The Colin McEnroe Show, Senator Chris Murphy said he believes Comey was fired because he wanted to pursue allegations of possible Russian interference in the presidential election, but the Department of Justice wasn't behind the effort.

"The FBI director still works with, and alongside, prosecutors. You can't conduct an effective investigation if you don't have prosecutors who are working with you at the Department of Justice," Murphy said. "The reason why a lot of us are, ultimately, calling for this special prosecutor is because it seems as if the high levels of the Department of Justice are not committed to this investigation, even if the FBI is. You've got to have a marriage there of intention, which doesn't seem to exist.”

Senator Richard Blumenthal also called for an independent prosecutor and investigation.

On a conference call with reporters Wednesday afternoon, Blumenthal said the timing of Comey’s dismissal "raises clearly the specter of a cover-up" by the Trump administration.

"Now, unquestionably, appointment of a special prosecutor is not only appropriate but necessary," Blumenthal said.

Earlier in the day, President Donald Trump attacked Blumenthal on Twitter, criticizing the senator for his past statements about military service during the Vietnam war.

Blumenthal described the tactic as "bullying," and told reporters the tweets won't silence his calls for an independent investigation.

"Distraction and deception should not deter anyone," Blumenthal said. "And certainly will not silence my call for an independent special prosecutor and other steps that are necessary to uphold the rule of law."

Former Connecticut Senator and Governor Lowell Weicker echoed those sentiments, telling WNPR's Colin McEnroe the public needs more answers and congressional leadership must act.

"Do we have the will to make sure that we have special counsel or a special prosecutor? I think the answer has to be yes. You cannot have a foreign power involved in any way in our election process," Weicker said. And obviously they were. Let’s find out why, and let’s find out who invited them to the party."

This report contains information from the Associated Press.