The Scramble Shares Limited Information About Today's Show: FOI and Football

Jan 27, 2014

In 2012, professional football players suffered 1,496 severe injuries.
Credit Ron Cogswell / Creative Commons

It's Monday. That means our show is The Scramble, where we make a lot of decisions on a last minute basis. We asked our super guest, Marc Tracy of The New Republic, to pick three topics about which Colin would quickly get up to speed. 

Those turn out to be the new progressive movement as embodied by Elizabeth Warren and Bill de Blasio, the future of FOX News during  what looks like a downturn in cable news, and the latter life of an NFL player who had one glorious moment in the sun.  

That should set up our second guest,  Steve Almond, to talk about his essay on why he won't watch the Super Bowl this year. As a longtime fan of football, he's reached a point where he no longer  wants to feel complicit in exploiting players who risk life-altering injuries to provide entertainment for their fans.

And, lastly, Colleen Murphy, director and general counsel for Connecticut's Freedom of Information Commission. We'll discuss the recent vote of a special task force that will set-up a battle in the legislature over our FOI laws.