The Scramble Peeps Veep With Frank Rich

Apr 7, 2014

Today on the Scramble, we get to spend some time with Frank Rich. Frank wears a lot of hats these days as both editor-at-large at New York Magazine and Executive Producer of VEEP on HBO. We're going to chat with him in both capacities and there is an interesting bridge between the two realms.

Frank's article* in the current New York Magazine explores the way Hillary Clinton can be strengthened, not weakened if Republicans try to smear her with old Clinton scandals. And, it strikes me that the people who believe, for example, that Vince Foster was murdered to cover up an affair with Hillary Clinton, are buying into a Washington reality close to what they see on the TV series "Scandal," a world of florid and torrid scandals and highly competent fixers who cover them up. 

I believe the depiction we see on VEEP, a landscape of bumbling lickspittles is much closer to the real deal. 

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* Frank Rich's article, "Scandal Loves a Clinton," will be online at nymag.com later this week.


  • Frank Rich is a writer-at-large for New York Magazine and the Executive Producer of VEEP on HBO
  • Steve Eder is a sports reporter who writes about NCAA issues for the New York Times
  • Don Amore is UConn's men's basketball beat writer for the Hartford Courant