The Scramble: Mad Men, Blood Moons, and Racism

Apr 14, 2014

A blood moon seen from the backyard of Australian, Peter Gaylard, on August 28, 2007
Credit Peter Gaylard / Wikimedia Commons

Our SuperGuest on today's Scramble is Jen Doll, who has three topics that she wants to discuss:

The first is the return of "Mad Men," a show in its final season and perhaps more than any other TV show, a driver of the phenomenon that utilizes the talents of many, many cultural commentators to analyze and debate the underlying themes in each episode. If you visited a site like Slate or Salon on certain Monday mornings, you might make the mistake of thinking this was a publication mainly, or entirely about, "Mad Men."

Jen is also wrapping up a book about what she's learned from the experiences of going to so many weddings in her lifetime, and our final topic with her will be about the sociology of spoilers.

From there to another spoiler: astronomer Kristine Larsen explains that we'll have four consecutive lunar eclipses, but the world will not end!

Lastly, we have a debate about the way Kevin Ollie talks. What's "code switching" got to do with it?

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  • Jen Doll writes for several publications, including The Atlantic, Atlantic Wire, and New York Magazine, and is the author of Save the Date, due out in May
  • Kristine Larsen is a professor of astronomy at Central Connecticut State University and the recipient of the 2013 Walter Scott Houston award from the Northeast region of the Astronomical League for service to astronomy education and outreach
  • Rand Richards Cooper is an author, essayist, and freelance writer