The Scramble: Losing at Jeopardy, Finding Lost Dogs, and Winning Back Lost Freedom of Information

Mar 10, 2014

Credit Shawn M. Smith / Flickr Creative Commons

Amanda Hess is one of our favorite social critics. She writes for Slate and lately, well always, she's thinking about the depiction of women in mass media, including a statistical disparity between the performances of men and women on Jeopardy

This question and answer have been kicking around for awhile and theories range from the unwillingness of women to wager aggressively on Double Jeopardy to a preponderance of male-oriented questions. 

Amanda and I will talk about this as well as the latest effort to create a fashionable girl doll who is not Barbie.

In our second segment, the most intensely digital high-stakes crowdsourced effort to find a missing dog, well two missing dogs that I have ever seen. You can access  Find Burton and Zuzu West End Hartford here.

And, lastly, our Freedom of Information Act in Connecticut seems to be under attack more often than a medieval castle. See here and here. Today, the people who fight for it have to run back and forth between two public hearings. We'll tell you why.

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