The Scramble: Henry Alford on Garrison Keillor, Cash Frenzies, and Reworking the Reservation

Jun 16, 2014

Credit Steven Depolo / Flickr Creative Commons

Henry Alford is a very funny writer. I've been laughing at his writing since about 1990, when he erupted in Spy Magazine, with hilarious speculative pieces like, "What If The Pope Were A Dog?"

Not long ago, he was asked to review a collection by another funny writer, Garrison Keillor. He did it, keenly aware that many people who find him funny are the kinds of people who find Keillor tiresome. And, maybe a bigger problem, Keillor had written some columns about gays and atheists that riled up not just Alford's fans, but people he knows pretty well. So what's a critic to do? Alford actually admired some things about the book, and said so. There was pushback. We'll talk about that today on The Scramble.

Also on our agenda, a wealthy man who hides $250 around cash in big cities and then leads the less-wealthy on scavenger hunts using Twitter clues.

And, new services that essentially scalp restaurant reservations, and the new trend of college application essays that tell too much.

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