The Scramble Goes To Russia

Feb 21, 2017

Republicans in Congress said little when Donald Trump's ban on immigrants led to chaos, they ignored widespread protest against his cabinet picks, and they still fail to call out statements that are untrue. Save for a scattered voice of dissent in Republican ranks, the GOP seems unruffled by Donald Trump's behavior as president - except when it comes to Russia. John McCain is turning into Trump's fiercest critic where most others fear to tread. Is this his moment to be a hero?

Also, this hour: Psychiatrists around the country have been expressing their concern over Donald Trump's mental health. This breaks a long-standing ethical code known as the "Goldwater rule," which was passed in 1964 after psychiatrists determined Barry Goldwater was unfit to be president, despite never examining him in person. Goldwater sued and won. Should psychiatrists weigh-in or keep their concerns to themselves?  

Lastly, the New Haven Independent has an unusual, at least for America, way of reporting crime.


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Colin McEnroe and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.