The Scramble: Court Contradictions and Conservative Consternation

Jun 30, 2014

The Roberts' Supreme Court
Credit Donkey Hotey / Creative Commons

It's that time of year when nine people who were never elected decide all manner of questions about how we live. Monday marked the last round of Supreme Court decisions. By now, you probably know that in a five-four decision, they sided with Hobby Lobby in affirming the rights of employers to invoke their religious principles to opt out of the requirement to provide certain contraceptives otherwise mandated by Obamacare. 

This hour on The Scramble, Supreme Court analyst Dahlia Lithwick talks us through that decision, and also about the trends she saw emerging this year in court. 

Salon writer Andrew Leonard says there's more to Ann Coulter's anti-World Cup rant than meets the eye. She wrote in her recent column that the rise of American interest in the World Cup is "a sign of the nation's moral decay." While we may not take her comments seriously, she may reflect conservative hostility and fear of a changing America. Read it here.

Lastly, journalist Angela Carella tells you the story of Stamford's troubled dog pound. 


  • Dahlia Lithwick writes about the courts and the law for Slate.com
  • Andrew Leonard is a technology reporter, editor, blogger, and staff writer for Salon.com. He’s also the author of “Bots: The Origin of New Species.”
  • Angela  Carella writes a column for The Stamford Advocate called "Here's the Thing"