School Governance Councils Say They're Shut Out

May 21, 2013

Connecticut’s largest teachers’ union filed a complaint Tuesday against Bridgeport School Superintendent Paul Vallas.  The dispute centers on the city’s school governance councils,  whose members say they’re being shut out.

School governance councils were established by law in Connecticut in 2010.  Parents, teachers and community members have a chance to serve as advisors, and collaborate with school administrators to improve student achievement.  

In a complaint filed with state education officials, the Connecticut Education Association says Superintendent Vallas is not allowing the councils to do their job.

The action was taken by teacher and Bridgeport Education Association president Gary Peluchette.  He says council members are not given a chance to review draft budgets or analyze school achievement data.   

Bridgeport is one of the lowest performing districts in the state. 

Paul Vallas came to the city after leading turnaround school districts in Chicago, Philadelphia and New Orleans.  Since his arrival, he’s closed the district’s 12 million dollar budget deficit and begun an overhaul of the school curriculum.