The Sacrifices of Military Spouses and Families

Sarah Smiley is a syndicated columnist and author of her latest book, "Dinner with the Smileys"
Credit sarahsmiley.com

Over the last 13 years, the media has focused on the sacrifices of the thousands of service-members who have served in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. But behind these men and women are their families. We talk to author, Sarah Smiley who writes about her life as a Navy wife. Her latest book is a memoir about how she and her children invited members of their community to dinner as a way to fill the void in their home during her husband’s 13-month deployment.

We also take you to Naval Submarine Base New London. Approximately 7,500 Navy personnel are stationed there and it’s home to 12,000 family members. Then we'll hear the story of a couple that got married just before a deployment.

Sarah will be speaking at R.J. Julia in Madison on September 18 at 7:00 pm. There is also a potluck dinner before the event, co-sponsored by The Community Dining Room. More information here.


  • Sarah Smiley - Syndicated newspaper columnist and author of Dinner with the Smileys
  • Lisa Lambert - Leader of a support group for the families of sailors aboard the USS Annapolis