Rowland Quiet About Scandal; Malloy Makes Announcement About Pfizer Site

Apr 2, 2014

Former governor John Rowland is staying  quiet over a scandal to which he is connected. Rowland told listeners during his radio show yesterday that he would respect the process of a case involving former congressional candidate Lisa Wilson-Foley and her husband, Brian Foley. Both pleaded guilty on Monday to illegal contributions after they gave Rowland $35,000 and failed to report it on financial disclosures.

Governor Dannel Malloy along with other officials appeared at the Pfizer site in Groton today to announce new uses for the property. Two vacant buildings on the company's campus will be used for bioscience research and the storage of state data.  The state Bond Commission has approved $4.2 million for renovations and initial costs.

Democratic Leaders Support Governor's Refund Proposal

The General Assembly’s tax-writing committee is supporting Governor Malloy’s tax refund proposal of $55  per person. The committee’s Democratic leaders said the  proposed program recognizes Connecticut taxpayers have weathered the state’s fiscal difficulties over the years, including paying higher taxes. But Republican members said many of their constituents say the money is better spent paying down state debt.

Bill Approved for Public Access to Crime Records

Lawmakers have approved a bill that would establish new restrictions on public access to police records such as 911 tapes and crime scene photos. It also would prohibit the release of photographs of child murder victims. A key component of the bill would make it more difficult to obtain a copy of photographs of adult crime victims by placing the legal burden on the requester to prove why release is warranted.

Legislation for Electric Suppliers

Connecticut officials  unveiled legislation this week requiring greater disclosure from electricity suppliers and fixed rates for at least three months. The legislation would require electric bills to show the rate charged, term of service and other details. Suppliers also would be required to disclose the highest and lowest rates.