Roof Collapses Cause Costly Damage

Feb 27, 2013

State officials have warned businesses and municipalities to clear roofs of snow loads to prevent possible collapse from the weight. WNPR’s Sujata Srinivasan reports.


Heavy rain on Monday in addition to three feet of snow over the weekend, is putting quite a bit of load on rooftops. Gov. Dannel Malloy at a press conference in Branford:


“As of this morning, we have about five or six collapses – two barn buildings, a greenhouse, an empty commercial complex. So those are some of the ones that have happened. But you know we went through this two years ago, with these massive amounts of snow accumulating and you know we’re going to pound away at superintendents to make sure that their maintenance people are up on those school roofs, clearing drains and then watching the structure itself.”


In Tolland, the 100,000 square-foot dome at the Star Hill Family Athletic Center collapsed under nearly 33 inches of snow. Co-owner Ron Annuli says the dome, supported by air, had withstood both Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Sandy.


“The damage to the dome itself is not that substantial. But we don’t know how bad the basketball courts are and the volleyball courts are; but all the lighting will have to be replaced. Probably quarter of a million dollars, something like that.”


Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman, visiting the facility, says the biggest concern for businesses now is for roads to open so employees can commute to work.


“There are some places that have roads that still impassable, that haven’t even seen a plough come through. And so what we’re looking at is how we, the state, can go in and help.”  


She says the state is working to make that happen. But there’s a whole lot of snow and clearing it, and finding a place to put it, is quite a challenge.


For WNPR, I’m Sujata Srinivasan