Reporter Roundtable on Sandy, Election

Nov 2, 2012

Connecticut Light & Power is promising to have electricity at polling places one way or another. But there were still close to 100 polling places without it as of yesterday. Secretary of the state Denise Merrill will be assessing the progress in several of the hardest hit towns.

Meanwhile, the campaigns for Senate and the 5th Congressional district are running to the finish line - as the candidates balance the need to get their messages out - with the need to be sensitive to the impact of Storm Sandy.

The 5th district race between Elizabeth Esty and Andrew Roraback runs the gamut from “Tossup” to “leans Democratic.”  In the Senate race, Chris Murphy has pulled to a slight lead over Linda McMahon.

heading into the last weekend - our reporter roundtable will help us tackle these issues, as well as a bizarre legal dispute over ballots in New Haven.