Reporter Roundtable: The Donovan Dilemma

Jul 27, 2012

Federal authorities made seven new arrests in their investigation into the campaign of house speaker Chris Donovan

The arrests circle around an alleged scheme to cover up campaign donations that were aimed at using Donovan’s influence as speaker of the house to kill a bill aimed at “roll your own smoke shops.”  

Among those new arrests are Josh Nassi, the former campaign manager,  smoke shop managers, a former president of a prison worker’s union, and Ray Soucy - another union leader who cooperated with law enforcement.  Earlier, the feds had arrested Donovan’s former campaign finance director.

So where does it leave the speaker’s campaign? Who knows, because officials have not signaled the investigation is over.  Donovan told reporters again yesterday that he did nothing wrong, and that he couldn’t believe people thought his vote was “for sale.”

Meanwhile - there’s even more drama and intrigue among the rest of the 5th district candidates.  We’ll try to pull this story apart with a panel of reporters and with you.