Report Cites Persistent Achievement Gap in Connecticut

Sep 18, 2013

The report provides data such as this graph, showing that low-income students score half as well as their non-low-income peers, as early as the 3rd grade and across all subjects tested.
Credit Connecticut Commission on Educational Achievement

A new report from the Connecticut Council for Education Reform praises Connecticut's efforts to overhaul its public education system, but warns more needs to be done to close the state's achievement gap between low-income students and wealthier students. The statewide nonprofit organization, made up of business and civic leaders, released the report Tuesday.

The group credits the state with embracing the "common core" educational standards, but says more needs to be done to expand quality preschool programs, and to identify and help students who are falling behind. The group’s mission is to advocate for state policies that will help close the achievement gap in Connecticut.