Remixing Middletown

May 10, 2013

Middletown is gearing up for a special celebration Saturday.

The city's north end will will come alive with music, dancers and visual art Saturday. MiddletownRemix: Hear More, See More is a festival of Art and Sound that features a flash mob dance, a laptop computer Orchestra, and a host of other events.

The Festival's highlight is the art and music that has sprung up around the MiddletownRemix project. MiddletownRemix is a crowd sourcing project where Middletown citizens gather the natural sounds of the city and artists then remix those sounds into soundscapes and music.

Jason Freeman is a music professor at Georgia Tech and the creator of Middletown Remix. He says the collection of sound gives Middletown an acoustic identity, and helps bring together the entire community:

"We think the way to really get to know the sounds around you in your community and develop a new understanding and appreciation of them and what they contribute to your community, is to actually go out with a microphone and record sounds and listen, find things that are interesting and to share them to help turn them into music," says Freeman.

MiddletownRemix: Hear More, See More gets underway tomorrow at 2pm on Main Street in Middletown's North End neighborhood.