Reinventing Connecticut's Economy?

Sep 28, 2011

Jobs plans and jobs “agendas” proposed by “proven job creators” who’ve taken “job tours.” At least someone has a job.

With persistent 9 percent unemployment - and weak job growth nationally, politicians are themselves working hard to prove that they’ve got the best ideas for creating new jobs.

President Obama’s jobs plan got high marks from a survey of economists by Bloomberg, who say it could stop another recession next year.

House Republicans have a very different plan - aimed at reducing regulations on business.

Meanwhile, Governor Malloy says its time to “reinvent Connecticut” - something he’ll try to do with an October 6th economic summit, and special session later this month.

Today, Catherine Smith - Commissioner of the Department of Economic and Community Development joins us to talk about the state’s plans - and how they might fit into a national framework for job creation.