Regional Roundtable: Casinos, Lobsters, and Presidential Politics

Aug 23, 2012

Could we someday have the “Springfield Strip?”  

Yesterday MGM unveiled their plans to revive the struggling Massachusetts city by pumping 800 million dollars into a gambling resort, entertainment complex, and housing development. It’s one of several proposals on the table as Mass tries to take on Connecticut casinos.

In New Hampshire, casinos are on the back burner, but political madness is front and center. President Obama was just there, Mitt Romney has his camp set up, and the race for the vote is on in New England’s only “swing” state.

And in Maine, it’s more lobster business. Warmer waters have caused an overabundance of soft shell sea creatures, forcing prices way down. It’s causing all sorts of problems for lobstermen in Maine and Canada. 

Today it’s a regional reporter roundtable. Don’t think what happens in neighboring states doesn’t affect you. Presidential politics, high class casinos, and loads of lobsters!