The Reducers' Music Raves On

Sep 21, 2012

In the mid 1980's, the future looked pretty bright for the New London rockers The Reducers. They were riding a wave of critical acclaim. They were the darlings of college radio along with groups like REM and the Smithereens, and they toured the world with bands like The Ramones and The Replacements.

But that major record label deal and breakthrough into the mainstream never materialized, and after years on the road, The Reducers came back to New London to play shows closer to home and they never stopped making music.

But The Reducers 34 year run came to a end earlier this year with the death of bass player Steve Kaika after a long battle with cancer.

Now a compilation of some of the best known Reducers tunes recorded by musicians influenced by band is complete. The project, called "Rave On: A Tribute to the Reducers" will be available to the public this Saturday.

Joining us to talk about the CD is Ben Parent, he is the head of Good Sponge Records, which produced the album. He's also in the band The Rivergods, which covered The Reducers' "My Problem."