Reality On The Ground In The Middle East

Mar 21, 2013

President Obama is on an historic visit to Israel and the West Bank, as Palestinian militants fire rockets out of Gaza into an Israeli border town.

The President spoke of “unbreakable bonds” with Israel, and a red line on nuclear arms with Iran.  Meanwhile another “red line” in the region is fuzzy at best - as the Syrian government and opposition forces trade accusations that the other used chemical weapons in their long and bloody war.

Today, where we live, we look inside Middle East politics, policy, and the reality on the ground with Rami Khoury.  He’s a journalist and Harvard fellow who covers the region - and will be speaking at CCSU.  We’ll also talk with a local Syrian American sending aide to his country, and Olly Lambert, whose latest documentary film, "Syria Behind the Lines,"
airs April 9 on the PBS investigative journalism series FRONTLINE.

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