Real Lives Of Foster Families

Apr 2, 2013

When you realize the challenges faced by foster parents, you want to call them saints, but most of the reject that label. They say they're just doing something that needs doing. They're not saints or angels. In fact, they screw up sometimes and need help from others. 
 It's also not fair to the kids, they say, because it makes it sound like only a saint would take foster children -- as if they're an unbearable burden.  Most foster parents say they do it because hey love it.
 On our show today, we'll be letting foster parts tell their own stories and maybe run through some dos and don't for the rest of us. For example, it's really bad to bad mouth the birth parent around the child. A foster kid in a new home has enough things going on without hearing you say, "Oh, is is mom a drug addict?"  That and so much more on today's show. Leave your comments below, email us colin@wnpr.org, or tweet us @wnprcolin.