Real Life Survival Guide Episode 34

Feb 19, 2012

We recorded Episode 34 about a week before Valentine's Day, so "love" was on the minds of our guest editors, dating coach Ronnie Ann Ryan, entrepreneur Danyel Aversenti, media personality Matt Scott, and freelance writer Sarah Kyrcz.

Making matters even more romantic was the fact that we recorded our gathering at John Davenport's on the 19th floor of the Omni New Haven Hotel at Yale, which possesses what I believe are some of the best views of New Haven.

We discussed topics ranging from spinsterhood to dating mistakes and the meaning of love.

Sarah Page Kyrcz is a freelance writer based in Madison. Her bi-weekly column, "Moms' Talk" - designed to address issues that affect parents, neighborhoods and the community at large - runs on eight local Patch sites in Southeastern Connecticut. When she is not writing she is spending time with her two active teenage daughers and her husband.

Ronnie Ann Ryan woke up on her 40th birthday and realized she might be single for the rest of her life. It was at that moment she decided to turn things around. After dating 30 men in 15 months, she met her husband Paul. Having figured out the key to midlife dating, she knew others could too – which was why she became a Dating Coach and founded It’s Never Too Late for Love. Ms. Ryan is a Certified Coach, marketing consultant, writer, professional speaker and workshop leader. She has worked in Marketing for 20+ years with Fortune 500 companies, agencies, small businesses, and individuals to develop strategies and implement programs.

Danyel Aversenti is the founder and CEO of Our Empty Space, allowing ownders of empty city-spaces (mainly storefronts) to showcase their empty space to persons within their community for use as a temporary venue. She has also launched a Kickstarer campaign for a restaurant concept called r-evolving restaurant.

Matt Scott is a washed up broadcaster. Seriously. Since 1995, he's been a likeable, and somewhat irreverent weatherman. He's worked from West Virginia to Boston, recently on WTNH in Connecticut. Now, he's recovering from all that. He still delivers sassy (and sometimes odd) forecasts on social media, on the not-yet-award-winning "Meteorologist Matt Scott" fanpage on Facebook, and @themattcast on Twitter. He occasionally appears on Cablevision's News 12. His latest project is"Matt Scott Productions", which takes old school broadcasting, moving it onto new platforms. As creator of "Twivia", he has launched Twitter's first Trivia game show (follow it at @twiviact).