Ralph Nader on the Seventeen Solutions

Dec 27, 2012

Ralph Nader’s book “The Seventeen Traditions” was a postcard to his hometown - and the one where I now make my home - Winsted, CT. He wrote about small-town life and the lessons he learned in his father’s restaurant, in the local library, in the nearby woods.

His newest book builds on these traditions and presents “The Seventeen Solutions: Bold Ideas for our American Future.”

Many of the themes are classic Nader - Getting rid of corporate welfare, engaging with civic life, cutting the military budget.  It’s a kind of “Nader Reader” - the bedrock ideas of a man who’s led the consumer movement, taken on the political power structure, and is still as feisty as ever at age 78.

Today, where we live, we’ll get a jump start on a year filled with “big ideas” and give you a chance to help solve the nation’s problems with Ralph Nader.