The Rage: Crazy-Good Bánh Mì Sandwiches

Jul 23, 2014

Credit wEnDy/flickr creative commons

Bánh … the name might be new to you, but we hope you'll try the sandwich that is the rage coast to coast. It has amazing, explosive flavor, the kind you want again and again. It sounds weird, we know, and you might think, how good can this be?

We talk about a soft Italian-style baguette from the supermarket, a layer of pickled veggies you flash-pickle in an hour, more vegetables thinly sliced, maybe some jalapeños, siracha sauce or yogurt or hoisin sauce, and a favorite protein, including beef, pork, chicken, or tofu. It's incredible. When we chose slices of pork belly (you could do pork roast) for our sandwiches, we almost fell over from pleasure. Try it once and you'll be hooked for good, and like lots of others, you'll start searching for good bánh mì sandwich joints.

We have good wines for you, $15 and under, and they're perfect with most grilled foods and especially bánh mì sandwiches.

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