Quieting The Mind With Meditation

Jan 22, 2013

The case for meditation is the state of the modern mind.

Attention deficit disorder. Post traumatic stress. Anxiety. Addiction. Hopelessness. Depression. Suicide. I could keep going. We're loading up on meds, many of which will not work for us.

 And then there's this other thing,  And it costs almost no money. A simple experiment will show you its benefits.

  Under more extreme circumstances -- as you will hear today -- it has delivered dramatic results. It's a damn near magic bullet sitting on a pillow on the floor next to us, and we avoid using it. Its biggest drawbacks: it seems a little boring. It might use up a certain amount of time that you could spend watching football. It's vaguely foreign and esoteric in origin.

 Today we're going to explore what science knows about meditation and how that plays out in the real world.

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