Questioning the Creative Class

Jul 24, 2012

It’s been ten years since Richard Florida’s bestseller, “The Rise of the Creative Class.” So, has it risen yet?

Florida touted the cities like San Fransisco and Austin Texas that have, for years, attracted young “creative” types with socially tolerant attitudes, plenty of outdoor activities and a confluence of art and hi-tech.

But even Florida seems to be adapting his ideas - talking about everyone being a “creative” person in the new economy.

Meanwhile, plenty of people WANT to believe in this idea - but are critical of Florida’s conclusions.  Writer Frank Bures tried to buy in - but found life in one of the top “creative” cities to be stifiling.  He says a whole generation of urban planners and Portlandia-watching hipsters got sold a bill of goods.  “Florida just told us we were creative and valuable, and we wanted to believe it. He sold us to ourselves.”

Today, where we live, we’ll pull apart the ideas behind the creative city - from the “class” itself to the “gay index.”