QPoll: Malloy and Foley Tied

May 10, 2014

Republican Tom Foley (l) and Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy.
Credit Chion Wolf / WNPR

A new poll shows Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy tied with Republican Tom Foley in the race for governor, and Malloy's approval rating is still below 50 percent.

The poll says that the state's residents think the governor has strong leadership qualities and is an honest and trustworthy leader. But when it comes to the budget, taxes, and the economy, he gets unfavorable reviews. In fact, 48 percent of people polled by Quinnipiac University said Malloy does not deserve to be reelected, while 44 percent said he did. Doug Schwartz is the poll's director.

"His job approval rating and reelect numbers are basically where they have been for a long time," Schwartz told reporters at the state capitol.  "The public is split on Governor Malloy's job approval...He's definitely vulnerable. The question is, can the Republicans take advantage of that vulnerability?"

The poll has Malloy and Foley tied -- each with 43 percent. The governor only narrowly beat the Republican businessman and former ambassador in 2010. Malloy does slightly better when matched up against other Republican candidates.

"Good news for Tom Foley," he said. "He's the clear front runner in a Republican primary, and he ties Dan Malloy in a potential general election matchup."

But 60 percent of those polled said that Malloy's failed attempt give a $55 tax refund to residents was a campaign gimmick that never should have been offered in the first place. And Schwartz says Malloy has always gotten negative marks on taxes, the budget, and the economy.