Prosecutors Ask State Supreme Court to Take Perez Case

Jan 6, 2014

Former Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez.

Prosecutors want the state supreme court to weigh in on the matter of former Hartford mayor Eddie Perez. 

Late last year, the state's appellate court ruled that Perez's trial judge made procedural errors in the original proceedings. It then ordered two new trials.

But the appellate court also said that there was enough evidence to convict Perez on allegations of bribery and extortion. Now, Connecticut's highest court will get a chance to take the case.  

Here are the arguments prosecutors are making. They include this:

The majority’s conclusion assumes that Connecticut jurors sitting on state criminal cases are incapable of fairly trying white collar cases with multiple charges and a large quantity of evidence because such cases are too “complicated.”

Should the Connecticut Supreme Court decline, Perez could face two new trials.