The Process: What's On Your Mind?

Jun 29, 2012

In the past month or so we've done shows about nuns, quitting as a good thing, procrastination, puns, lawsuits, putting a chip in your head, poetry, design flaws, invasive species and women who fall in love with prisoners.

And the month ahead will include shows about Nudism, First Contact with ETs, why songs get stuck in your head, urban beekeeping and the history and future of the TV remote.

One of the implicit myths of these shoes is that they're exactly the way they want them to be. We got the guests we wanted and balanced everything out just perfectly. Sometimes that's true but not very often. We often get on the air with not exactly the line-up we hoped for. And then we're live, so things go wrong. And afterwards, we get emails that make us smack are heads and wonder why we didn't think of that guest, that angle. We wanted you to know a little bit more about all that. Hence this show. We call it the process.

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