The Post Office Blues

Oct 5, 2011

The postal service has two levels of problems. The frist one is a short term problem that's probably solvable. They were placed, in 2006, behind an accounting 8-ball that required them to pre-fund their health care benefits in a manner not ordinarily contemplated in either the public or private sectors -- which by the way is another issue for the post service. It really is a strange creature, a government agency that, in some ways, isn't. Anyway, reasonable people can if they choose to make the postal service solvent.

But backed up behind that is a larger problem that has been referenced on the public policy show "Seinfeld" where the character Kramer visited a city post office and explained why mail was increasingly unnecessary. And yet, it's one of the few government functions specifically mentioned in the Constitution, and there does seem to be a bedrock level at which it needs to function. Can it be reimagined?

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