Pencils: What's the Point?

Jun 18, 2014

Why pencils? Here's an answer from PencilRevolution.com, one of the many pencil blogs and websites we uncovered while prepping for this show: "The first and best reason to use pencils is because you like them, and enjoy writing, drawing with them. Because you feel better connected to the paper you're writing on (or the wall, etc.), and the earth, from which the clay, the graphite, and the wood all came. Because they smell good. Because sharpening them can be sort of a meditative process. Because you can chew on them. Or for reasons we can't explain."

Well, technology pushes us one way. There are special tools you can purchase for about $60 that allow you to write on certain tablets. One of them is called "Pencil." It mimics as much as possible the look and feel of the pencil.

Meanwhile, the real pencil is having a moment. We explain on this show.

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