Painted Storks Join Feathered Friends at Brooklyn's Prospect Park Zoo

Aug 8, 2016

One of two painted storks that now live at Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn, New York.
Credit Julie Larsen Maher / World Conservation Society
Painted storks are from Asia, and have been dwindling in numbers.

Two painted storks are making their public debut at Brooklyn's Prospect Park Zoo, according to the Wildlife Conservation Society. 

In a WCS photo, the bird looks like it's wearing a fuzzy white hoodie pulled over its orange head.

The large wading birds are native to tropical regions of Asia. 

They have black, white, and pink wing feathers, orange beaks, and pink legs. The rest of their plumage is mostly white.

The painted storks are among the feathered friends in the zoo's Discovery Trail aviary.

Painted storks are dwindling in numbers. They're regarded as "near threatened" as a population. Hunting, wetland drainage, and pollution are the main threats. The birds prefer freshwater marshes and flooded fields, as well as tidal areas and lakes.

The WCS said in a press release that it works to conserve landscapes in Asia that host painted storks and other critical wildlife populations.

Credit Raghunath Thirumalaisamy / Creative Commons

This report includes information from The Associated Press.