The Osama Bin Laden Sideshow

May 6, 2011

More than I've said out loud, the Osama bin Laden sideshow that began last Sunday night has made me uncomfortable.

I'm kind of a freak for due process, even though I freely concede that a proper trial would have been a near-impossibility. On the other hand, there was Nuremberg, right?

The celebrations in New York and Washington D.C. seemed more appropriate for an NBA championship or a Super Bowl victory  -- not our killing of a hated enemy.

And then came the collapse, piece by piece of the narrative. It wasn't a fire fight. Bin Laden wasn't armed. He did not use a woman as a human shield. Even the "mansion" appears not to have been as lavish or expensive as the original reports.

Then came the argument that "torture worked" and the debate about whether to release the photos. And somehow, Osama bin Laden, who had faded to a bit player, came to dominate our nightmares for a few more days.

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