The Ongoing Debate Over Tribal Recognition

One of the big issues surrounding tribal recognition in Connecticut is the construction of more casinos.
Credit David Zeuthen / Creative Commons

Before Thomas Hooker founded the Colony of Connecticut, before Europeans even knew this land existed, the indigenous people already lived off the land. But over hundreds of years, the United States of America grew into what it is today, and the indigenous people were only granted small slices of land if they are "recognized" by the federal government.

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  • Dannel Malloy - Governor of the State of Connecticut
  • Michael Melia - Reporter for the Associated Press
  • Bethany Berger - Thomas F. Gallivan, Jr. Professor of Real Property Law at UConn
  • Doug Kiel - Postdoctoral fellow in history at the University of Pennsylvania and adjunct professor of history at Columbia University
  • Paul Doyle - Sports reporter for The Hartford Courant
  • Charlie Creme - ESPN Women's Bracketologist