One Soul, One Love, One Heart

Jun 1, 2011

How do we heal difficult relationships and nurture healthy ones?  What is the significance of relationships in our spiritual life?  In his book, John E. Welshons says:  

For thousands of years spiritual teachers have taught us to love one another, but we make excuses, pointing fingers and accusing others of wrong actions.  None of that has worked, as evidenced by wars, prisons bursting at the seams, and violence affecting even the youngest children.  If we look instead to what connects us versus what disconnects us, we can begin to live in peace and harmony.  The book is One Soul, One Love, One Heart.

John Welshons is the author of When Prayers Aren't Answered and offers lectures and workshops on terminal illness, grief, and other topics.  He is founder and president of Open Heart Seminars and lives in New Jersey.