The October Snowstorm For The Record Books

Oct 31, 2011

The freak October storm that hit the state this weekend caused more power outages than Hurricane Irene. And, for people in many parts of the state, it could be at least a week until they get their power back. Transmission lines are out to the Northwest corner of the state - where many towns are 100 percent out. Many state schools are closed - power is out to businesses, and hundreds of roads are either closed or barely passable because of downed trees and lines.

We’ll update the situation with civic leaders and with you. We want to hear how things are in your town this Halloween.

Today, the towns in the storm's path are without power, and the the wait -- for many if not most -- will be a week, as the utility companies struggle with unprecedented damage to main transmission lines.

We'll bring you special coverage, with the latest news about restoration efforts and with the very best advice we can give you about how to act and what to do as you survive the storms difficult aftermath.

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