#Occupy's Day Of Action

Nov 18, 2011

Yesterday’s national “day of action” for Occupy Wall Street was meant to mark the movement’s two-month anniversary...but it also came just after a forceful eviction from the park in lower Manhattan where the protests started.

The anniversary sparked actions around the country...some meant to disrupt daily life. In Hartford, WNPR’s Jeff Cohen spoke to Ralph Leonard - one of about 100 protesters who gathered near Aetna’s headquarters on Farmington Avenue.

Ralph Leonard: "We're senior citizens (who are) retired. I don't need a job but I'm really concerned about the future for my children and grandchildren where it seems like we've pretty much lost genuine democracy."

But this protest wasn’t led by Occupy Hartford - instead, it was led by members of Labor unions and other organizations, like Tom Swan of the Connecticut Citizen Action group.

Tom Swan: "We need to invest in jobs and to have the one-percent and greedy corporations pay their fare share."

Swan, along with 11 others, were arrested after sitting down on an on-ramp to I-84, shutting it down just before rush hour got underway. Today, we’ll recap this national day of action...and talk about the role that civil disruptions and labor unions might play.