Occupy Hartford Discusses Future; While Protesters Are Forced From Zuccotti Park

Nov 15, 2011

New York did not cover itself in glory last night as it used the wee small hours of the morning to play rough with the press and Occupy Wall Street.

Reports are jumbled, but there doesn't seem much doubt that reporters doing their jobs were shoved around and in some cases arrested.

These are not the tactics of a free society.

From the left-leaning blog Firedloglake we get: "The Brooklyn Bridge and almost all subway trains leading to Wall Street were closed over night. Counter-terrorism agents were on the scene. A LRAD sonic cannon was used. The NYPD blocked the airspace over the park to news helicopters. One journalist told a cop that she was press, and was told back, 'Not tonight.' Even residential buildings around Zuccotti were locked down. This was real police state stuff."

It's a bad tactic. Not only bad for society, but bad for anybody who hopes to quell the movement itself. People tend to get angrier after a raid like this.

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