Obamacare Gets a Checkup

According to new data from Connecticut’s health insurance exchange, Access Health CT, the state’s uninsured rate has dropped by roughly 50 percent since 2012 This decrease is due, in part, to the more than 256,000 residents who’ve signed up for health insurance and Medicaid since Access Health CT’s exchange website was launched last fall. 

This hour, we check in with some healthcare experts, reporters, and consumers to see just how successful the first period of open enrollment was. We also take a look at what some states are doing to prepare for the next round of enrollment, which is scheduled to begin this November.


  • Jeff Cohen - Health care and capitol region reporter for WNPR
  • Sarah Varney - Reporter for Kaiser Health News
  • Deb Polun - Director of Government Affairs and Media Relations for Community Health Center Association of Connecticut
  • Morgan True - Health care reporter for VTDigger
  • Meredith Cohn - Health reporter for The Baltimore Sun