Now That Richard III Has Been Found, Will His Image Rebound?

Feb 13, 2013

It was history rearing up out of the ground to snap its jaws at fantasy.

While many of us waited impatiently for the March 31 resumption of "Game of Thrones," investigators found the skeleton of Richard III.

 What does one thing have to do with the other? George R.R. Martin based his "Game of Thrones" novel -- loosely! --  on the Wars of the Roses. And the Wars of the Roses are understood both historically and through Shakespeare. In fact, one aspect of Shakespeare's greatness is that way he is able to compete with -- and prevail over -- historical reality. He's that good.

 The discovery of the bones of the king shed light on a few things but didn't really answer the most pressing question.  Was he as bad as Tudor historians and then Shakespeare made him out to be? Today on the show, a little more about that.

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