The Nose: Women Want To Want More SEX, Gay Scouts Are In, and Men In Underwear Are Still Hot!!

May 24, 2013

I feel like a waiter. Here are today's specials for The Nose: An article about the way women in monogamous relationships feel their sexual desire decline more steeply than do men, served on a bed of hope from new psychopharmacology.  The promise of new advertising for men's underwear in which the male models look more like real people, garnished with a reduction of I don't believe it. The unexpected remarks by Pope Francis who praised atheists who do good works, with a side dish of Jesus's redemption.  The acceptance of gay scouts by the Boy Scouts of America, served on brochette with questions about why gay male scout leaders were not also accepted. And lastly, tournedos of tornado theology: the impulse to link a tornado with God's anger or survival with God's grace. I'll be back with your drinks. Leave your comments below, email us at colin@wnpr.org, or tweet us @wnprcolin.